Commercial Carpet Cleaning | Protecting Your Reputation

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning | Protecting Your Business Reputation with Carpet Cleaning Clean carpets are one of those weird conundrums of our world: you never notice the clean carpet but always notice the dirty carpet. Soiled carpets can quickly make an impression on anyone visiting your place of business and can convey many subconscious assumptions: from

Water Damage | 3 Ways to Keep Your Washing Machine Leak Free

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Water Damage | 3 Ways To Keep Your Washing Machine Leak Free No one wants to come home to an inch or two of standing water in the laundry room. Wet clothes and damaged baseboards can send the calmest and patient homeowner into sheer panic. Washing machines are notorious for causing problems that are in

Flood Damage | How To Keep Your Basement Dry

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How To Keep Your Basement Dry From Flood Damage Water table levels can vary depending on location. Houses that have full basements enjoy the added living and storage space but are notorious for having the occasional flood. Basement floods are usually caused by a rapidly rising water table due to a strong rainstorm. The soil

How Flood Damage Can Leave Long Lasting Effects on Your Flooring

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How Flood Damage Can Leave Long Lasting Effects On Your Flooring Flood damage greatly affects the flooring of your home or business. Carpeting and hardwood flooring can both be negatively affected by standing water. It is a common misconception that hardwood flooring can withstand water but it is actually more susceptible to long term issues

The Ice Cream Machine Goes to Mount Pleasant Academy

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On Friday, we headed to Mount Pleasant Academy to serve ice cream to our friends with special needs! Often times, ordering menu items can be difficult for some of the children. With the help of the friendly teachers and staff, we helped the kids learn how to order from the ice cream menu. We taught

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning service is an important part of your business.  Just about every office building has carpeting covering most of the floors, which is a good thing!  Commercial grade carpet is a great option for floor covering in your office, show room or retail space.  Carpet can add the warmth and comfort of home

Post-disaster Reconstruction

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Whether it was a fire, flood or tree branch, damage to your home is never expected and always heartbreaking.  Your home is more than just walls and a roof.  It is a place you can relax, unwind, be yourself and be with the ones you love.  All of the memories and time you spend there

The Best Way to Repair Wood Floor Water Damage

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Despite their seemingly tough exterior, wood floors are one of the most vulnerable elements of any home, especially when it comes to water. We aren’t just talking about flash floods or hurricanes either. Simple plumbing leaks, overflowing tubs, and spills pose a serious threat to porous wood floors. Whether or not you are experiencing wood

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