Water damage can occur due to various reasons; broken water pipes, leakages, and natural disasters. Knowing what to do when water damage incidents arise is essential. One of the most important things to do is to contact a water damage restoration company for help. So, when do you need to call a water restoration company in Charleston?

When Your Home is Flooded | Water Damage Restoration in Charleston

When you notice a large amount of water on your property, you should call a water restoration company for immediate cleanup. Flooding can be destructive to your property and could also be a health hazard if contaminated. At ServiceMaster, we offer water damage restoration in North Charleston and you can reach out to us as soon as you notice a flood. 

When There is Mold Growth

Mold poses a severe health risk and if left to grow can cause serious respiratory issues. If you notice mold growth on surfaces in your home, it is crucial to call our professionals at ServiceMaster to get rid of it.

If Water is Coming From a Sewage Line | Water Damage Restoration

Water from sewage lines is highly contaminated and hence a health hazard. If your water comes from a sewage line, ensure you call ServiceMaster to help protect you and your family from serious health problems.

When There Is a Large Amount of Water in an Entire Room

Cleaning water damage by yourself can be tedious. It can also pose safety risks such as injuries from falling debris. In such an event, the best thing would be to bring in professionals to extract water and dry the area completely.

Finding a certified water damage restoration company is the key to restoring your home to its standard functionality. ServiceMaster Charleston is available daily to help mitigate the damage caused by water.  Contact us anytime if you notice any sign of water damage in your home.