Flooding from sewage backup is overwhelming and dangerous to human health. As such, it is advisable to get professionals for restoration. ServiceMaster provides water disaster restoration services in Charleston, and thanks to our team, you do not have to worry about the potential health risks of sewage backup in your home.

 In the event of a sewage backup flood, what should you do?

Safety First

First, ensure that everyone in the house is in a safe place, away from the affected area.  Remember, sewage has a high concentration of microorganisms, which can cause severe infections if you contact them.

Seek Professional Restoration Services

DIY restoration is not an option when dealing with sewage backup. Professionals have the right equipment, including personal protective equipment, to ensure safety.

At ServiceMaster, we strive to ensure optimal safety with every restoration. If you need water disaster restoration services in Charleston, our team will respond quickly and restore your home, ensuring safety throughout the process.

Contact Your Insurance Company

The sewage backup flood might have caused extensive damage to your property, requiring intervention from your insurance company. Contact them as soon as the damage occurs and alert them of the situation.

Document the flood damage and send photos and videos to your insurance agent. These will come in handy when getting claims from your insurance company.

Getting your property together after a sewage backup flood can be overwhelming. But with ServiceMaster, you can rest assured of effective restoration. Our team provides water disaster restoration services in Charleston; helping you restore your home to functionality.