Pipe bursts are plumbing issues that cause significant damage to home property. It is, therefore, essential to understand several scenarios in which pipes may burst. And in the event a water disaster strikes, call us at ServiceMaster of Charleston for water disaster Restoration Services.

What are the main causes of pipe bursts at home?

Freezing Temperatures | Water Disaster Restoration Services 

When water freezes inside a pipe, it forms ice, which inhibits water from flowing normally. Excessive pipe pressure can eventually cause the pipe to burst. This is common at a weak joint. ServiceMaster is available 24/7 to help insulate your exposed pipes. Call them today if you have lines that are vulnerable to cold weather.

High Pressure

Excessive pressure at the water’s main supply is a severe problem. Regular check-up of water pressure is essential to ensure that water flows at an ideal pressure. To regulate high pressure, you can get a professional to install a reducing pressure valve to prevent your pipes from bursting. This also helps maintain a safe water temperature.

Old Pipes |Water Disaster Restoration Services 

Pipes have a long lifespan only if they get proper maintenance. Neglecting their maintenance can cause bursting. Plastic pipes are also likely to get brittle and corrode with time. Corrosion mainly occurs due to exposure to chemicals and air. This weakens the pipes, leading to bursting. 

Clogged Pipes

Pipes may have clogs due to the building up of ice. Clogging can also be caused by hair, food, and other solid materials. Lack of proper draining in sinks is a sign of clogging. Contacting ServiceMaster to unclog the blockages is the secret to avoiding pipe bursts. 

At ServiceMaster, we offer reliable water restoration services, including pipe replacement, to homeowners in North Charleston. Get in touch with us today to enjoy our services.