Understanding the different causes is a significant step for you to prevent water damage. ServiceMaster of Charleston is a water damage restoration company and you can call us for effective restoration of you home after water damage. 

What are the leading causes of water damage in a standard kitchen?

Garbage Disposal | Water Damage Restoration in Charleston

Disposal of garbage without regular maintenance can cause leakage in the kitchen. A faulty trash disposal can cause water to collect in the sink and leak into the cabinets and walls around it. These cabinets can be breeding grounds for mildew growth which could be a health hazard to people at home.

Sinks and Faucets 

These are common causes of water damage. Pipes that are not correctly fit can cause leakage in the kitchen. Failure to regularly maintain sinks causes clogs in surrounding cabinets and walls. ServiceMaster is just a call away to help you fix your plumbing issues.


Refrigerators are sometimes overlooked as causes of water damage in the kitchen. Worn-out seals and broken water lines can cause refrigerator leakages. They should undergo regular inspections to evade damage.

You can reach out to ServiceMaster for the inspection and repair of refrigerator leakages.

Dishwashers | Water Damage Restoration

Dishwashers cause significant water damage in case they lack proper maintenance. Clogging and lose connections can cause dishwashers to leak. They may also encourage mold growth if not properly washed. If you have a faulty dishwasher, call us for quick assessment and prompt water damage restoration if detected.

Water damage in the kitchen can cause more damage than you might think. At ServiceMaster our skilled and experienced team is ready to fix all your water-damaged home, taking away the hassle of water damage restoration and repairs yourself.