We all should have adequate fire proofing items in our homes but what about your office? Do you even know where the smoke detector is located? Commercial fires can be devastating to a company and fire damage cleanup services may not be able to save everything. Consider these 3 ways to help keep your office safe from the devastating effects of fire:

Clear It Away

Nothing makes fire spread quicker than fuel. If your office contains boxes and boxes of paperwork lining the walls and stacks of supplies you are more susceptible to damage if a fire should occur. Make sure that your office, including both your personal office space and corporate office space, is clear of any extra paperwork or supplies that aren’t properly stored. Invest in metal filing cabinets or create a filing room that is dedicated just to storing important paperwork that is used for your business. Doing the simple step of clearing away the fuel for fire is important in saving your items during the process of fire damage cleanup.

Properly Installed Fire Extinguishers

In the event of an office fire, employees will need to be able to quickly access fire extinguishers. If your office’s fire extinguishers are hidden behind a cupboard or at the bottom of a pile of supplies your employees won’t be able use them. Make sure that many fire extinguishers are properly hung onto walls and are clearly marked for quick use in the event of a fire. Consult your local fire code for information of what is required in your area.


Every desk in your office should have a flashlight that is easy to grab in the event of a fire. Many offices are open late or even 24/7 and a fire could knock out the power to your office making it dangerous for employees. Make sure that employees know where their flashlight is and even consider labeling them to make sure that everyone has one in the event of an emergency.

A fire at your office can be detrimental to both the lives of your employees as well as your business. Make sure to take the proper steps in keeping your office safe from fire with these easy steps. If your office does experience a fire, call ServiceMaster of Charleston to help you with the needed fire damage cleanup services to get your business back on track.