Water Removal | How Pools Cause Home Water Damage

Water Removal | Backyard pools are great to use in the summer but having such a large amount of water close to your home can also be a hazard. Major flooding from a pool can quickly require the need for water removal services. Make sure that you are aware of these potential problems that a backyard pool could cause:

Basement/Crawl Space Flooding

If your home has a basement or crawl space it could easily be flooded by the sheer amount of nearby water from a pool. Underground pools are notorious for developing small leaks that can become big problems for homeowners. Check your pool regularly and make sure to address any kind of water that is seeping into your basement. Keep an eye on water levels in your pool and make sure that your pool doesn’t need a lot of extra water on a regular basis. A small leak will drain a pool quickly and should be addressed in order to keep your basement free from needing water removal services.

Filter Placement

Many pools have a filter system that is either in the basement or garage depending on the location of the pool. Filters are used regularly to clean the pool water and help keep the pool clean while in use. However, the filter system can also be a good area for flooding due to leaking or bursting pipes. Make sure that your pool filter system is in good shape prior to opening the pool every year in order to minimize the chances for flooding.

Backyard pools are a great addition to any home but they do bring concerns regarding the amount of water that is used for them. Make sure to keep your home safe from your pool water by checking the basement or crawl space of your home for extra water as well as the pool filtration system. If your pool does leak or cause flooding in your home make sure to call ServiceMaster of Charleston for the best in water removal services. Contact us TODAY!