When water disasters occur, the most common reaction is panic and anxiety. Before anything else, you should call your water disaster restoration company. Service Master provides water disaster restoration services in Charleston, so you can utilize them for quick and effective restoration. 

Even with a water damage restoration company on board, you need to have a checklist to ensure everything is taken care of. Here are things to keep in mind. 

Insurance Claims

Immediately the disaster occurs, call your insurance company and notify them of the damage caused. 

Electrical Systems

Make sure all the electrical lines are off, including power outlets, heaters, appliances, etc. You may need to have an electrician check the condition of your electrical line before reconnection. 

Food and Water Sanitation

Stay away from any water in the property until your local water company or public health department clears your water quality. Also, avoid eating any food on the premises and discard contaminated utensils. 


Remove all the furniture, carpets, bedding, and other furnishings for cleaning and drying or discarded if highly damaged. 

Floors and Walls 

If the floors are swollen, you might need to replace them with new ones. But, you have to wait until the entire premise is dry before reconstruction. Service Master provides water disaster restoration services in Charleston and will help you through the extraction and drying process. 


You may need the services of a licensed electrician to ascertain the condition of your appliances. They may require repair or replacement depending on the extent of the damage.

Mold Prevention

After the cleanup and restoration, prevent mold and mildew growth by using air conditioning continuously. If air conditioning is not an option, open windows and incorporate fans to circulate the indoor air. Also, avoid activities that add indoor moisture and use extraction fans when cooking. 

This checklist is essential to have, but with the services of a water disaster restoration company, you do not have to worry about taking care of the mess. If you need water disaster restoration services in Charleston, talk to Service Master for thorough cleanup and restoration of your property.