A faulty plumbing line can be a recipe for water disasters in your home. The good thing is that when it happens unexpectedly, you can restore your home in no time, thanks to ServiceMaster. Our team provides water disaster restoration services in Charleston. 

Here is how you can keep up with plumbing maintenance and prevent a water disaster. 


Monthly and On-Demand Maintenance

Some of the things you can do every month are unclogging blocked pipes, cleaning drains, fixing leaking pipes, and repairing broken fixtures. Inspect the toilets, showers, bathtubs, kitchen sinks, hand wash sinks, and other fixtures on the line for faults and start repairs immediately. 

Summer Plumbing Maintenance

During the summer, hire an inspector to evaluate the functionality of the sewer line. They might find broken sewer drains resulting from invasive roots. Inspect your septic system to point out minor repairable issues before it is too late to fix. 


If you have water damage from sewer backup, it is best to let professionals handle it. Our team provides water disaster restoration services in Charleston and will take on cleanup and restoration from start to finish. 

Fall Plumbing Maintenance

Fall is the best season to inspect your plumbing line for issues that escalate in winter. It is the best time to check appliance water connection hoses, service the water heater, repair outdoor pipes, clean gutter systems, and inspect sump pumps. 

Winter Plumbing Maintenance

The biggest concern in winter is frozen pipes, which can cause a water disaster if left unattended. Ensure the pipes are insulated and inspect water flow to reduce the risk of frozen pipes. Ensure the heating system in your home is functional to keep the indoors warm and reduce the chances of pipes freezing. 


Water damage from faulty plumbing lines is common. While you may be tempted to handle the damage, you could be causing further damage to your property. Our team at ServiceMaster provides water disaster restoration services in Charleston, taking up the challenging aspects of restoring your home after water damage.