As much as water disasters are unpredictable, you can do a few things to handle one better. Top of the list is having your water restoration company on speed dial. If you are looking for water disaster restoration services in Charleston, Service Master is a reliable company. 


So, what can you do to prepare for those unforeseen hurricanes, storms, and floods?


Plan Your Evacuation


Have a plan on how you would evacuate, especially if you live near the coast or hurricane-prone areas. Have a shelter in mind, a family member’s home you could move to, or a hotel you could stay in for a while. If you have pets, plan how to go about the evacuation, including taking them with you in the event of a water disaster. 


In addition to your evacuation plan, note down the contacts of a water restoration company. ServiceMaster provides water disaster restoration services in Charleston, and in the event of a disaster, they will respond immediately and help you restore your home. 


Pack Non-Perishable Supplies


Pack a few non-perishable essentials to take with your when a disaster occurs. The pack can include lamps, candles, matches, first aid kits, canned foods, and drugs. Keep these in your car or an easy-to-access area in your home. 


Inspect Your Home


You cannot control a water disaster, but you can make sure your home meets the necessary building codes. Assess the condition of the windows and doors to ensure they can withstand hurricanes and storms. 


You may need to cut trees near your house that could fall on your house. Clear the outdoors and ensure water drainage is at par to direct the water away from your house in the event of a flood or storm. 


Having ServiceMaster in your water disaster preparedness list will help you quickly restore after a disaster. The team is trained to handle different water disasters, providing water disaster restoration services in Charleston and the environs.