After a water disaster, the first thought may be selling your property which is valid in most cases. However, if you place your property on the market without restoring it to full functionality after water damage, you may not get the best offer. 

Find a water restoration company to help you restore your property to its best state. ServiceMaster is a renowned company providing water disaster restoration services in Charleston, and you can count on them during the process of restoring your home after water damage.


With that in consideration, here are a few ways restoring your home can help increase its value. 


Kitchen Remodeling


The kitchen is the heart of the home, and one of the areas of a house people pay the most attention to. If your kitchen has been affected by water damage, it would be best to replace the damaged components. The remodel does not have to be huge, as changing a few things and giving it a refresh is adequate to add value to your house. 


Bathroom Remodeling


Water damage is common in bathrooms resulting from burst pipes or leaking fittings. Replacing broken pipes and repairing fittings can refresh the bathroom and restore it to functionality. 


Before repairs, consider hiring water restoration professionals to assess the extent of damage and advise on the necessary changes. ServiceMaster provides water disaster restoration services in Charleston and can help you fix the water damage problem as you set out to remodel. 


Roof Repairs or Replacement


Another cause of water damage is a leaking roof. Potential home buyers want to ensure the roof is in good condition before they put in an offer. If you have watermarks on the ceiling, consider repairing the roof by replacing missing shingles, fixing leaking pipes, and remodeling the ceilings. 


You should not have to worry about handling the mess after a water disaster. ServiceMaster Charleston provides water disaster restoration services in Charleston. Thanks to their team of trained and equipped professionals, they will restore your home and guide you on the necessary changes to make to increase your home’s value.