Restoring your home to functionality after water damage can be a frustrating experience. But, with ServiceMaster on board, you can rest assured of quick restoration to facilitate repairs early. The team provides water disaster restoration services in Charleston, taking care of the mess promptly. 


Run a Thorough Inspection


The first step is to inspect the entire property to examine the extent of the damage. It is best to let professionals handle that for safety. ServiceMaster can assign a team member to inspect the property and note down the damages. 


ServiceMaster provides water disaster restoration in Charleston and can help you start restoration as soon as the damage occurs. With prompt inspections, you can have an easy time planning the repairs and assigning the job to the different professionals. 


During this step, the inspector will determine the number of items damaged, the components that require repairs or replacements, and a safe procedure of going about the job. 


Start Repairs /Replacements


Once you have a clear outline of the repairs required, you can start paying attention to the ones that need prompt intervention to prevent further damage. It would be best to get professionals for specific repairs to ensure high-quality restoration of your property. 


For example, if the electrical line has suffered damage, it would be best to bring an electrical contractor on board. That way, you can ensure safe and effective repairs of each damaged component. 




It is essential to disinfect the property before you resume operations. This is because the damage may have created a conducive environment for microorganisms to grow. You may need to hire a professional to ensure adequate disinfection of every part of your property. 


It is agreeable that you need a water disaster restoration company on board for repairs to start as soon as possible. ServiceMaster is a reliable company providing water disaster restoration services in Charleston. The team is trained to handle any water disasters, ensuring safety precautions and effective restoration strategies.