A small problem in your plumbing lines can cause a disaster that would be expensive and time-consuming to handle. The good thing is that you should not worry about the process with ServiceMaster on board. Our team provides water disaster restoration services in Charleston, helping you restore your property after water damage. 


As a homeowner, here are common water problems you need to know to ensure you are prepared for water disasters. 


Leaking Pipes


Many homeowners overlook the impact leaking pipes have on their property. A small drip along the line is a recipe for a disaster you might not be prepared for. The main reasons pipes leak are temperature changes, excessive pressure, poor maintenance, and aging of pipes. 


Clogged Drainage


A clog here and there might not seem like a significant problem, but if these go unattended, they might bring about a water disaster in your home. That comes with the risk of mold growth and destruction of furniture and other valuables. 


Failing Appliances 


If your dishwasher, refrigerator, and washing machine do not function well, they could cause a water disaster in the long run. You should check for leaks and repair any faults to ensure all the parts are working as they should and keep water damage from appliances at bay. 


Blocked Gutters


Blocked gutters during the rainy season can cause a water disaster on your property. If this happens, hire ServiceMaster to clear the mess before the water damages your valuables. We provide water disaster restoration services in Charleston, getting your property back after water damage. 


Water damage is common among homeowners. But with a reliable restoration company, you can rest assured of effective restoration. ServiceMaster provides water disaster restoration services in Charleston, and thanks to our experienced team, you can settle back into your home swiftly after water damage.