Water Damage | 3 Ways to Tell If Your Pipes Are Frozen

Frozen pipes are fairly common during the winter when temperatures can dip down below freezing and cause water damage issues. Many Charleston homeowners may not know what to look for if their pipes are in the process of freezing. Here are three ways to tell if your pipes are beginning to freeze:

#1: Decrease in Water

If you notice a dramatic decrease in your water pressure or the amount of water that you are getting at full blast, you may have the beginnings of a frozen pipe. Be aware that the pipes that freeze first will be those that are located near an outside wall. Take inventory of where your water pipes are and check them often for a decrease in water once the temperature dips below freezing level.

#2: Frosty Pipes

If you are noticing frost anywhere around your home the possibility of your pipes freezing greatly increases. Most pipes are hidden behind walls or behind cabinets and are hard to visually see. However, if you noticed frost forming on any part of a water pipe you know that the chances are high that the water inside is cold enough to freeze.

#3: Bad Odor

Noticing a strange smell coming from your sink or appliance, like a washing machine, can be another hint that your pipes are clogging up with ice. Once a pipe is partially or completely blocked, the odor that would normally go into your sewer system can only go back up the pipe into your home.

If you experience any of these issues this winter season call ServiceMaster of Charleston immediately! Their emergency services can quickly reduce, or even prevent, the need for water damage services. Frozen pipes can happen to anyone in the Charleston area and knowing what to look for can be the first defense in preventing your home from water damage.  Contact SerivceMaster today!