Everyone loves the look of an old farmhouse with a wraparound porch. The iconic look points to slower days and time spent watching sunsets while sitting in a rocking chair. However, did you know that porches can cause major damage to your home as they age? Excess water that has been slowly seeping into your home can cause the need for water damage restoration. Here are 2 ways a porch can allow access water into your home without you even realizing it:

Detached Roof

As porches age, they tend to lean over ever so slightly as they settle into the ground. If your porch wasn’t properly installed, a detaching roof can happen even sooner. The slight lean of a porch is usually hard to detect to the naked eye but you will be able to notice the pitch of your porch if you go inside. If your porch is starting to ever so slightly pull away from your home one of the first things you will see is excess water dripping from the tops of the window frames directly beneath the porch roof. Your first inclination may be that the windows themselves are faulty but the culprit is usually the porch roof that is allowing excess rain to fall between the roof and the home itself.

Pooling Water

Properly installed porches have a floor that is slightly angled to allow water to run away from the home. If your porch flooring is not pitched or has been damaged, you may notice areas of pooling water that are near the exterior of your home. These areas of water can damage your home by creating a moist environment for mold to grow. Make sure to fix areas of your porch that pool water so that the water will run off the porch towards the yard instead of your home.

Porches are great additions to any home and can greatly increase the beauty of a home. However, they can also invite water to enter your home in ways that are unusual and not so apparent. Keep your home safe from needing water damage restoration services by noticing these small problem areas during the next big rain storm. If your home does become damaged due to a problem porch, the experts at ServiceMaster of Charleston would be happy to perform water damage restoration services to bring your home back to working order.