Homeowners often deal with water leaks in their homes. Whether the leak is from a pipe, the fridge, the roof, or a toilet overflow, most of these incidents are easy to fix yourself. However, when major flooding happens, you might find yourself needing water damage restoration in Charleston and professional help with cleanup. When flooding becomes most dangerous is when the flooding in your home is caused by sewage backup. Also called Black Water, sewage backup into your home is hazardous and will require extra care.

When you need water damage restoration in Charleston, the expense can be high and the time to clean up can take days. Luckily, there are a few ways that you can ensure you are able to avoid sewage backup in your home. Check out the most common reasons for drains to back up and cause you to need water damage restoration in Charleston.

  1. Drain Clogs- When the sewer lines or the main drainpipes in your home become clogged, sewage can back up through the pipes and end up flooding out of other pipes in the home as backflow. Homeowners should be diligent in keeping drains free of hair, grease, or other solid material clogs.
  2. Tree Roots- When you have trees in your yard, the roots can grow into the pipes and cause damage. When the sewer lines are damaged or intwined with roots, you will notice your drains backing up often. Avoiding tree roots getting into your sewer lines is about impossible if you move into a home with old trees, however, you can have trees removed. If you plant other trees in your yard, keep them around the property line boundary and not near the home. You can also have your sewage pipes from your home to the city line replaced with plastic to prevent the roots from getting through.
  3. Heavy Rainfall- When there are heavy storms or hurricanes the city sewer systems can get overwhelmed and back up in your home. The best way to prevent this from happening is to install a backwater prevention valve. You should also ensure that your sump pump is maintained.

When you have sewage backup, you need to begin water damage restoration at once. Professional companies certified in hazardous waste removal will be necessary for proper cleanup.

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