Installing sump pumps in your home is a great addition to prevent water damage. Sump pumps will ensure that your house remains dry; however, they may fail after using them for an extended period. Challenges with your sump pumps can lead to water damage; therefore, if you notice a malfunction in your pump, start by shutting off the power. If you can not identify the problem with your pump, contact a water damage restoration company in Charleston to help you identify the problem. 

Common Sump Pump Problems That Require Water Damage Restoration in Charleston

Improper Pump Installation 

Improper installation can result in your sump pump malfunctioning. If your sump pump isn’t installed correctly, the pump might be running without pumping water out. If this goes unrepaired, water might start collecting in your basement, resulting in water damage. 

If this happens, the best thing would be to hire professionals. ServiceMaster provides water damage restoration in Charleston and can come to your rescue.  

Overworked Sump Pump

Your sump pump may overwork during the rainy season, especially if your basement is prone to flooding. If it does not perform optimally, water can quickly collect in your basement, causing water damage. 

Clogged Sump Pump

Clogs are a common cause of sump pump problems. Debris can block your sump pump due to prolonged use or poor maintenance. If your pump has a clogged line, consider hiring professionals for effective and timely repairs to prevent water damage.

Wrong Size Sump Pump

Getting the wrong size pump will lead to problems down the road. If your pump is too small for the size of the basement, it might need to work more to get rid of all the collected water. This might lead to failure and increase the risk of water damage in your basement. 

Sump Pump problems can be easy to recognize and fix. But in the event water damage occurs, consider ServiceMaster. We are experts providing water damage restoration in Charleston and will help you restore your basement after sump pump-related water damage.