Water Damage Cleanup | Ways To Avoid Water Damage


Water Damage Cleanup | Water damage can be a very costly thing as a homeowner. Even if you have insurance you can be on the hook for hundreds or thousands of dollars. This is not to mention the time and stress that it will cause you and your family. There are some steps you can take to avoid certain types of water damage to your home. Here are some easy steps that you can take that can save you both time and money.

Clean Your Gutters

One way to avoid water damage to your home is to clean your gutters regularly. Cleaning your gutters helps them to stay unclogged and to let the water run freely through the gutter system. Gutters are designed to guide water to the desired location so that it will not cause damage. If you do not clean your gutters they can get clogged. These clogs then cause water back up and can cause water to spill out into unwanted areas.


Test sump pumps regularly

Sump pumps are designed to keep water out of your basement and lower level areas of your home. However, they do no good if they are not working properly. This is why you should run regular tests on your sump pump throughout the year. This will ensure that it is working properly when it needs to. If it does not work correctly during the tests, this will give you the opportunity to fix it before it is actually needed.


Check the roof for missing or damaged shingles

Shingles are the part of the roof that protects your house from the elements. Shingles endure some of the harshest conditions throughout the year including snow, ice rain, wind, and sun. These environmental issues can cause wear and tear to your shingles over time. It is best to periodically inspect your roof for damaged shingles, so that they can be replaced before they cause an issue for the interior of your home.


If you do find that you need help with water damage clean up you need to call the professionals at ServiceMaster of Charleston. Their team of experts can come up with the best water damage clean up plan for your home. Water damage clean up is tricky and should be left to professionals.