A big percentage of water damage cases comes from faulty plumbing systems. If you live in North Charleston and your property has water damage, ServiceMaster provides water damage cleanup in North Charleston and will come on board to help restore your home. 


So what plumbing issues warrant emergency plumbing services to avoid water damage?


Leaking or Burst Pipes


Pipes can leak or burst due to cold temperatures, unexpected pressure, poor maintenance, or aging. When pipes burst, water can quickly lush out continuously, resulting in flooding in your North Charleston home. Such a situation calls for professionals for water damage cleanup in North Charleston who will restore your home as quickly as possible. 


Sump Pump Failure


A sump pump comes in handy to prevent flooding, especially if you live in flood-prone areas. When it fails to function properly, it risks your property’s safety and increases the risk of flooding in storms. 


Standing water in the basement and wet spots on drywall could indicate your failing sump pump. Additionally, if your pump is always running irregularly, vibrates excessively, and has visible rust, it may be time to have it checked for prompt repairs or replacement. 


Clogged Sewer Line


Clogged sewer lines can push sewage back through open pipes to your house. Sewage backup can occur with sewage sipping through your showers, bathtubs, kitchen sink, toilets, and indoor drains. 


The slightest sign of clogged sewer lines warrants emergency plumbing services. If not solved on time, it can cause a dangerous disaster when black and gray water flows back into your house with the potential of contaminating clean water. 


Leaking Appliances


Your water heater, washing machine, and dishwasher can be potential causes of water damage. If you notice leaks in these appliances, stop their use and seek emergency plumbing services. You might need to repair leaks, replace parts or buy new appliances depending on the extent of the damage. 


Water damage in homes is common, and although there are many ways to prevent it, it is not entirely avoidable. On that note, ServiceMaster provides water damage cleanup in North Charleston should you suffer a water disaster in your home. Call us and leave the job to our equipped and professional team.