Heavy rains can cause groundwater to rise so much that it may rise above the ground and flood your property. With that comes water damage which can be a challenge to alleviate. Thankfully, ServiceMaster provides water damage cleanup in North Charleston and can come in handy. 


So, how do you protect your home from rising groundwater? Below are helpful tips. 


Raise Appliances off the Floor


You cannot do much about rising groundwater, but you can protect your valuables from damage, especially those in the basement. You can install some appliances on a wall or build a platform to raise them off the floor. 


Install Sump Pumps


A sump pump works well to redirect water resulting from a trigger when the area it is installed in floods. You can install one in your basement to clear water as it comes in and prevent damage to your valuables. 


This may only work if the water is not much; otherwise, you may need professionals for water damage cleanup in North Charleston. ServiceMaster will take the task up and restore your home to functionality. 


Proof The Basement


You can fill in the basement by adding more concrete and turning it into a crawl space. This is only viable if you do not intend to use the basement in the future. The initial cost may be high, but it will cost less than installing a sump pump in the long run. 


Raise the House


This can be quite an investment but the best way to protect your house from groundwater damage. The project’s overall cost depends on the size of the house, the number of floors, and the state of the house. 


The process involves installing a new foundation higher than the old one raising your house above the flood zone.


Groundwater can cause water damage to your basement, and these tips can help prevent or minimize damage. If you are searching for a reliable water damage cleanup company, ServiceMaster provides water damage cleanup in North Charleston. Their team will assess the situation, clean up and restore your home to functionality.