Not many people feel good about needing water damage cleanup in Charleston, especially when the damage is in the basement. Flooding and standing water in your basement can be caused by many things and all of them can be difficult for homeowners to deal with on their own. If you are seeing water or moisture in your basement on a regular basis, you may have a much bigger problem than you realize.

Places You are Most Likely to Have Leaks in Your Basement

There are a few places where you are most likely to find water leaking into your basement.

  • Cracks in the floor
  • Cove joints
  • Basement walls
  • Mortar joints
  • Windows

Leaks in each of these places is caused by one of the reasons below.

Reasons for Basement Flooding

Basement flooding is something nearly every homeowner will deal with but the companies that do water damage cleanup in Charleston will always have your back.

There are three reasons why your basement might have constant leaking or flooding issues:

  • Hydrostatic Pressure
  • Lateral Pressure
  • Window Well Leakage

Hydrostatic Pressure is basement flooding caused by the oversaturation of groundwater in the soil that causes the water table to rise. Pressures rise under the home and the water seeps into the basement.

Lateral Pressure is when looser soil around your home is saturated with water which causes the soil to expand. The pressure against the foundation of the home causes cracks and damage which then allows water to seep through.

Window Well Leakage refers to leaks that come in due to the window wells filling with rain or water and drainage problems. Water will seep through any cracks or gaps, wear down seals, and cause damage to windows, and water damage cleanup in Charleston to be needed.

Many homeowners believe the reason their basement is flooding is that their sump pump failed; however, the real cause of the flooding is one of those listed above. A sump pump is meant to remedy those issues but can sometimes fail.

When there is water in your basement, the time it takes to clean up professionally may be something you are not prepared or equipped to handle. Let a professional water damage cleanup company take care of the mess for you!

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Water Damage Cleanup in Charleston | Always Allow Maximum Drying Out Time

Water damage cleanup in Charleston takes several steps to complete sufficiently and none of the steps should be skipped over. However, the most vital step to never skimp on is the drying out process. Making sure all the water, moisture, and humidity is gone from the walls, floors, and carpeting is the best way to prevent mold and mildew; however, many homeowners are not sure what the correct drying process is or how long they should expect to wait for the process to be completed. Luckily, there are a few tips and tricks to ensuring proper technique in drying.

Steps to Drying a Room After Water Damage

There are several steps to the drying process when you are doing water damage cleanup in Charleston. The drying out process happens after all water is removed from the room. Most professionals use large, commercial water removal machines that suction out the water.

  1. Empty the room of all furniture and possessions.
  2. Open all the windows if weather permits.
  3. Tear out carpet if carpet needs replaced.
  4. Commercial cleaning of carpets if not tearing the carpet out.
  5. Set up large commercial drying fans or box fans and point to the carpet or flooring, as well as the walls. You will need to use more than one and be prepared to rotate them if needed.
  6. Set up a dehumidifier to pull moisture from the air.
  7. Replace carpet after the room is dry.

The drying time can take multiple days to complete. The longest part of the process is leaving the fans and dehumidifier on to remove the excess moisture from the room. Depending on how much water was in the room and the type of flooding that occurred, the drying process can take 1-5 days.

Water damage cleanup in Charleston is always completed faster when done by professionals who have the commercial-grade equipment needed for proper water cleanup.

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