Water Damage Cleanup After Fire Fighting


Water Damage Cleanup | A house fire is a terrifying experience for any family to endure. Fire and smoke damage might be at the front of your mind, but many people fail to realize that there is a need for water damage cleanup from fire fighting that also needs to happen. Cleanup after a fire often requires specialized attention from trained professionals for several reasons.

1. Mold and Mildew- When firefighters are putting out fires, water is sprayed all over the place and can saturate the entire home. Wood elements of your home can become waterlogged and distorted. Mold and mildew can grow on the carpets, walls, furniture, and other places. The longer you wait to begin water damage cleanup, the higher the risk of breeding mold. Professional restoration and cleaning companies like ServiceMaster can get water from fire fighting cleaned up fast.

2. Electronics- Water can ruin your electronics, and when your home has water damage, standing water can conduct electricity and be extremely dangerous. You should always turn off the power to your home after a fire and avoid using electrical outlets in rooms affected by water damage. Professional water damage cleanup crews are trained on electrical safety, so you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself.

3. Insurance- You need to call your insurance company as soon as possible when you have a house fire. Your insurance company might have certain companies they work with for water and fire cleanup. If your insurance doesn’t cover the damage one hundred percent, they might have preferred vendors that offer the best rates to keep your costs down. Professional water damage cleanup companies also understand the ins and outs of working with and getting compensated by insurance companies.

If you have recently had a house fire and help removing and drying water, call ServiceMaster of Charleston at 843-760-0404.