Water Damage Cleanup | 3 Things to Check If You Have Water Damaged Carpets

Water Damage Cleanup | The unexpected finally happened. Your carpets are soaked because of a faulty pipe or possibly a broken dishwasher. This can be a very emotional time for you and your family. Your feelings will likely range from anger to despair to panic. The best thing to do is do your best to remain calm and try to act quickly. You should immediately look for a qualified company that specializes in water damage clean up. Here are characteristics you should expect in a good cleaning company.

Length of Exposure

The quicker you can call in a professional to assess the situation the better. Most carpets can withstand water for up to three days and still be dried effectively. Knowing how long the water has been standing is crucial to saving your carpet. Saving your original carpet will ultimately save you money in the long run.

Type of Water Present

The type of water is a huge factor that affects the restoration process. Clean water that is clear and does not have much debris is best. Grey water is slightly worse, but it is not necessarily hazardous. Grey water may have come from a washing machine or dishwasher overflow. If the water is black it is much more likely that the water is hazardous, and caution should be used in this area. Black water might come from a sewage backup and the likelihood for carpet replacement is higher.

Water Temperature

Another key consideration when analyzing the extent of water damage cleanup is the temperature of the water. Hot water from a washing machine can compromise the glue that holds carpet fibers together. In severe cases this may require carpet replacement.

Regardless of the conditions, your first call should be to ServiceMaster of Charleston. The professionals at Service Master of Charleston are skilled to handle any form of water damage cleanup and you can always trust they have your best interest in mind.