Water Damage | 3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Try To Unfreeze Your Pipes

You have found that you have a frozen water pipe. The first thing many homeowners choose to do is try to fix the problem themselves without adequate knowledge on how to do so. Here are three ways unfreezing your pipes by yourself could do more hurt than help.

#1: A Bigger Problem

Many times frozen pipes are just the surface problem with a deeper issue lying underneath your home’s water system. Water lines that are incorrectly placed, or even an issue with the main water line from the city, could be the culprit to frequent freezing pipes. Our professionals at ServiceMaster of Charleston can dive deeper into the issue and make sure that your home’s water pipes are correctly routed and are in top notch condition.

#2: DIY Can Cause More Damage

Choosing to thaw out your frozen pipes by yourself, in an effort to prevent water damage, can be a tricky task. Frozen pipes quickly bring stress and anxiety to homeowners who quickly want to fix the problem themselves. Doing so can cause errors in judgment, like trying to thaw pipes with a blowtorch, that can not only damage your water pipe beyond repair but can also create a fire hazard. ServiceMaster of Charleston technicians are properly trained to safely thaw your frozen pipes without causing more harm.

#3: Professionals Can Prevent

When you call ServiceMaster of Charleston for water damaged frozen pipes, you can rest assured that our professional staff will alleviate the problem and also check for future water issues. Having one of our team members come to your home allows another set of eyes to assess and correctly fix any problems in your home. Our staff can spot other issues that you may not have spotted in an effort to make sure that your home is functional and safe.

Immediately contacting ServiceMaster of Charleston when you have a frozen pipe is an important step to keeping your home safe from possible water damage. Count on ServiceMaster of Charleston for expert guidance and experience to fix your flood or water damage.  Choosing to take time in fixing the pipes yourself could cause more issues and increases the chance for pipes to burst.