When commercial roof leaks happen, the cause is almost always damage to roofing systems and vents caused by storms. Most costal business owners know the perils of hurricanes and have a water cleanup company in North Charleston on speed dial; however, no one ever wants to make that call. Replacing and repairing commercial roofs can be expensive and water cleanup after flooding isn’t cheap either. Here’s a few things business owners can do to prevent roof leaks in their business.  

  1. Clear Debris in Drains- When there is debris caught in the roof drainage pipes, water can backflow onto the roof and cause the materials to rot or rust if left pooling. Make sure you are completing annual roof maintenance and checking your roof frequently for debris.  
  2. Complete Repairs Quickly- The first sign of a water stain on the walls or ceiling should send you straight to the phone to call your roofing contractor. Water stains means there is a substantial, active leak that will only get bigger and have you needing a water cleanup company in North Charleston rather than a roofer. The same urgency applies to missing shingles, damaged or rusted metal, fittings, and sealant.  
  3. Waterproofing- There are many ways commercial business owners can waterproof their roofs. Talk to your roofing contractor to determine the best options for your structure. You should also ensure that when you replace your commercial roof, you are getting a labor and materials warranty from the company you hire.  

There are times when no matter how many preventative measures business owners take, disaster strikes—like a hurricane, and roofs fail. When your roof fails not only do you have a structural emergency, but you will have a flooding emergency that requires a water cleanup company in North Charleston to remedy.  

When flooding has happened, or a major roof leak has created water damage in your North Charleston business, call ServiceMaster at 843-285-6206.