Mold thrives in closets, bathrooms, pantries, crawl spaces, and underneath sinks because it needs a damp and dark environment to grow which all these spaces provide. People do not often think about mold unless they have severe flooding that brings a water cleanup company in North Charleston to their home that also does mold remediation. When homes suffer from flood damage, mold is always one of the top risks.

When homeowners suffer flooding and do not call a water cleanup company in North Charleston, and they try the do-it-yourself method of cleanup, some areas of the home may not get completely dry. The most common are spaces we keep closed such as closets and bathrooms. When the air is not circulating, even a slightly damp carpet or wall can create mold growth.

Luckily, our water cleanup company in North Charleston has some tips on avoiding mold growth in closets and other damp, dark, spaces.

  1. Proper Drying- Making sure that carpets and walls are properly dried after water damage is vital. All clothing and personal possessions should also be removed from the closet and have professional drying as well, even if you do not think they encountered the water.
  2. Do not Over Pack Closets- There needs to be air circulation for spaces to stay dry and if you have a closet packed full of stuff, air circulation will be poor.
  3. Proper Storage- Along with not packing your closets full, you should also pack properly including using breathable storage materials rather than sealed containers. Keep all belongings up off the floor and always use wire shelves instead of solid wood whenever possible.
  4. Cleaning- Even if you only use the closet for storage, you should drag everything out and thoroughly clean the closet at least once per year. This way you are ensuring there is no biological material or plant matter in the closet that could grow mold or fungus. You can also check the floor, walls, and trim for signs of mold.

Like every homeowner knows, sometimes no matter how thorough your preventative measures are, something can go wrong like a sudden flood or hurricane that causes water damage. These situations call for immediate remediation and ServiceMaster of Charleston is here to help.

If you need water cleanup in North Charleston or mold remediation, call ServiceMaster at 843-285-6206.