Homeowners who have been through hiring a water cleanup company in North Charleston for sewage cleanup in their homes understand the hazards and risk of black water. Anyone who has dealt with sewage cleanups will tell you that the one thing they are most concerned with afterwards is how to prevent it from ever happening again.

Prevent the Need to Hire A Water Cleanup Company in North Charleston

Sewage backups can be caused by drain clogs, tree roots, damaged lines, and even heavy rainfall that overwhelms the city plumbing infrastructure. There are few things you can do as a homeowner to prevent some of the worst-case scenarios; however, there are a few little things you can do to prevent toilets overflowing or appliances leaking.

  1. Never Poor Grease Down the Drain- You might think grease flows right through the pipes with the water, but it does not. Grease sticks to the sides of the drains and hardens which leads to obstructions. Grease should be put into containers and thrown in the garbage.
  2. Paper and Hygiene Product Disposal- Never flush feminine hygiene products, paper towels, baby wipes, q-tips, and other products down the toilet. You should also be cognizant of how much toilet paper you are using. Overflowing toilets are the number one reason for sewage backup into your home.
  3. Sump Pump Maintenance- If you are not someone who needs to call a water cleanup company in North Charleston often, you might not understand the importance of your sump pump. Silt, sand and dirt can be pulled into the pump and ruin the motor. The pump can also lose power or stop working without your knowledge. If you know the flood risk is high due to a coming storm, make sure to double check the sump pump.

Sewage backup needs to be cleaned up by a professional water cleanup company in North Charleston. There are many hazards and dangers associated with sewage water that can affect the health of your family and pets.

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