Water Clean Up | Main Causes of a Leaky Roof

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Water Clean Up | Main Causes Of a Leaky Roof

A roof is the one thing that most homeowners don’t ever really notice until something is wrong with it. It is quickly forgotten in the years that it is working, but once it begins to fail, the issue can become quite expensive if not addressed. Leaking roofs can cause major problems for any homeowner and those issues can escalate into the need of water clean up after the worst has happened. Regularly inspect the following areas of your home to ensure that your roof is leak free:


Seams of roofing and transition points are areas of your roof that will require flashing. This thin piece of metal is used to cover areas where there is no roofing material or where the roof meets a vent or exhaust. Flashing is the most common area where water can enter a home because it can corrode over time and can easily be damaged. Inspecting the areas with flashing on your roof can be a first step in preventing the need for water clean up.

Weather Damage

Remember that hail storm that happened last spring? Damage from hail, wind, and other harsh weather conditions can structurally damage shingles and cause water issues. The problems may not be apparent right after a big storm but damaged shingles can easily break down and become entry points for water. Inspecting your roof after a large storm is important in making sure that it didn’t receive any damage. And if your neighbor is having their roof looked at after a big storm, it is a good indicator that your roof endured damage as well.


These roof windows are notorious for causing water to enter a home. Improperly installed skylights can quickly become a problem due to their placement on the home. Replacing older skylights can be a great preventative step in keeping your home free from roof leaks.

If you have experienced one of these water issues, ServiceMaster of Charleston would be happy to inspect and perform water clean up to any area of your home. Water entering your home from a leaky roof is a pertinent issue that requires immediate attention to keep your home and family safe. Call ServiceMaster Charleston today for an estimate on water cleanup services – 843-760-0404.