Upholstery Cleaning | How Flood Damage Can Affect Your Upholstery

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Upholstery Cleaning | How Flood Damage Can Affect Your Upholstery

Like it or not, flooding in a home can happen to the most proactive homeowners. A backed up toilet, leaking pipes, or appliance malfunction can all cause water to flood an area of your home. Hopefully, this area isn’t full of furniture but plenty of our customers can attest that sometimes upholsteries can be the first victim of water damage. Here are a few areas of your home where upholstery can become susceptible to flood damage in the home.


Water damage that reaches upholstered furniture can cause huge issues. Flood-damaged pieces of furniture can show stains or watermarks that can be difficult to clean. Dirt and mud may also be evident on furniture that was sitting in water for a longer period of time. Wet fabric and furniture padding can trap moisture and cause mildew and mold to grow. Hardware and springs in some upholstered pieces can also be greatly affected by water damage which requires upholstery cleaning.


It a mattress in your home has been affected by flood damage, we hope that it was sitting on the floor of a guest room and not elevated! Mattresses are engineered so that access to the inside of the mattress is almost impossible. Lots of warm padding added to the warmth of your body can create a breeding ground for mildew and mold spores. Some mattresses may be salvageable if they only had a small amount of contact with water but most will need to be replaced. Your certified ServiceMaster of Charleston technician can help to educate you and give recommendations on the safety of your mattress.

Window Treatments

Mildew and mold can quickly climb window curtains that were in contact just a slight amount of water. The damp conditions of a flooded home encourage these health hazards to spread throughout. You may notice a color change in the fabric or possibly bleeding colors as the dye has been adversely affected by the water damage. Wood window treatments are especially at risk as wood retains moisture and is hard to repair once wet.

Flood damage is one of the main ways that ServiceMaster of Charleston can help restore your home after water has entered your home. We offer upholstery cleaning that can bring your expensive furniture back to life after a flood.