Almost 90 million dogs live in American homes and most dog owners have more than one precious pooch living under their roof. Dogs are great companions but can also make quite the mess. If you aren’t sure if your home needs some professional cleaning help, or at the very least some help from odor removal products, check out these tips that can help you know:

Ask Your Family

If you really want to know the honest truth about the smell of your home, ask a close friend or family member who isn’t afraid to tell you how it is. You’ll know this person will give you their honest feedback because they have given it to you in the past. Ask them if they have ever noticed a dog smell in your home or if they have noticed a bad smell after a certain activity, like when your dog comes home from playing at the lake. It is true that homeowners can become so use to their home scent that they don’t notice when things change for the worse.

Add Some Plug-Ins

If you think that certain areas of your home may have a bad scent, consider adding a few plug-in odor removal products that can quickly add a better fragrance to your home. If you notice the scent when in the area, and register as it smelling better, you may realize that the scent before needed some improvement. Keep a few extra plug-ins on hand in order to sustain a fresh smelling scent.

Clean It Regularly

Commonly used pet items, like a crate or pet bed, can quickly get dirty and contain an unpleasing odor. If it has been months since you have cleaned pet items you may just have a pet scent issue. Disinfect crates and beds on a regular basis in order to keep your home smelling fresh. If you have trouble remembering, consider adding this chore to your schedule on the same day each month to keep up with it in order to free your home from bad pet odor.

Keeping your home free of pet odors is important in making your home welcoming to both family and guests who visit. Certain odor removal products will help keep this issue controlled but professional help may also be required. Call ServiceMaster of Charleston if you ever need a bit more help in removing odors from your home.