The process of buying a home can be overwhelming. There are so many things to look for to make sure that your home choice is a good investment. Water damage issues can be hard to spot and, if gone undetected, can require water damage restoration. Check out these tips for detecting water damage during your house hunting trips this summer:

Texture Changes

While touring a house, take notice of the ceiling, walls, and floors for changes in texture. Warping is very common in water damaged floors and can be caused by flooding or just the humidity in the area. Warping is a problem in not only that there was water present but also in the fact that warped floors present a tripping hazard. Stains on ceilings or a slight curve in a ceiling can also indicate past or current water damage.


Most homeowners understand that basements are notorious for a bad odor that occurs when mildew or mold is present. The smell is caused by long standing water and can be a hint to water issues that the home has had in the past. If this same smell is in the main living areas of the home you will easily be able to tell by the smell. Be wary of homes that are over fragranced in order to cover up a bad smell and be careful when purchasing a home that has been vacant for months or years.


If you notice any surface of the home that looks a little off color wise you may have a water damage issue. Discoloration can happen from water spots or stains where a large amount of water was sitting in one area of the home. Discoloration can be a variety of colors including white, yellow, copper, or brown. Most discoloration will feel dry to the touch but wet discolored spots are an immediate area of concern. Water damage restoration services may be needed in order to address an area of the home that has large amount of discoloration.

Purchasing a new home is an exciting adventure but be careful to note these common issues that can appear in water damaged homes. Check for discoloration and texture changes on the ceilings, walls, and flooring as well as a pesky mildew odor. Knowing what to look for before purchasing a home can help to alleviate the need for future water damage restoration services. If you notice some water damage after moving into your new home, consider calling ServiceMaster of Charleston for help in restoring your home.