Whether you live in an area that floods once every one hundred years, or once every year, it is good to know what to look for in case flood waters ever reach your home. Natural flooding causes catastrophic amounts of damage and would require extensive water damage clean up. Here are 3 things to look for during your next big rainstorm to keep your home from flooding:

Know the Levels

If you live near a water source like a creek or a river, knowing how high the flood stage can be very helpful in fending off flood waters. Keep an eye on the river itself and know that flood waters can change by the minute. Tune into local media stations and consider purchasing an emergency weather radio to get accurate information on how high the rivers are in your area. Just knowing the flood stage level, and how close the water currently is to that height, can be your first line of defense in keeping your home free from flooding.

Know Your Home

Your home can still experience flooding even if your home isn’t near a water source. During torrential rainfall, be aware of areas of your home that will harbor flood water first. Basements and crawl spaces are usually the first areas that flooding will occur in a home. Keep an eye on those areas and don’t be taken by surprise by rising flood waters. Spotting the water early is a key factor to being able to contact ServiceMaster of Charleston to help provide water damage clean up.

Know Your Property

There will always be a spot in your yard that is lower than other areas. Knowing your property, and the fact that water will always run downhill, is key to being able to foresee what areas of your home will be most susceptible to flooding. During normal rainfalls look outside and be aware of those areas that could become potential problems.

If your home does occur flooding from a recent storm, the qualified staff at ServiceMaster of Charleston can help to rid your home of excess water and provide water damage clean up services.