Everyone knows that smoke detectors are important to have in a home but some don’t know all of the important information about them. Smoke detectors are more than just something that can alert you about smoke; they can also save your life. Check out these 3 things that you may not know about smoke detectors:

Different Types Available

There are two different types of smoke detectors on the market: ionic and photoelectric. Ionization detectors are very common and are mass produced. They are inexpensive and are good at detecting the flames of a fire. Photoelectric smoke detectors are better at alarming when smoldering fires are present in the home yet are a bit more expensive. Homes using a combination of these two types of detectors are better off in keeping homes safe.

Test Monthly

Most homeowners know to change the batteries in smoke detectors when the time changes every spring and fall, but many fail to test their detectors on a monthly basis as is recommended. If it is hard to remember to test your detectors monthly, consider putting a reminder on your monthly calendar in order to do so. Identify a dead smoke detector during a monthly test in order to prevent the need for smoke damage cleanup services.

You Probably Don’t Have Enough

Most homeowners don’t have enough smoke detectors that are recommended for their home. A smoke detector should be installed within every bedroom as well as the hallways that lead to bedrooms. Every level of your home should also have a smoke detector, including basements and attics. Smoke damage cleanup may be required in homes that experience a fire on a level of a home that is lacking a smoke detector.

Smoke detectors are a crucial part of keeping your home safe from fire. Make sure that you have a combination of smoke detector types as well as enough for every important area of your home. Testing your smoke detectors monthly can also help in keeping your home safe from needing smoke damage cleanup services. If your home has experienced smoke damage, consider calling ServiceMaster of Charleston to help clean up your home quickly.