You search and searched and found that perfect home for you and your family. The location is great, the layout is great, and the price is great. But then you realize that the previous owners smoked inside the house. Do you turn around and forget this perfect house just because of smoke residue? Here are 3 ways that ServiceMaster of Charleston can help with smoke damage clean up services to a newly purchased home:

Flooring Cleaning

Carpets are notorious for harboring odors and our team of experts at ServiceMaster of Charleston know all about how to handle carpeted flooring. First, an assessment will be made about whether or not the carpet can be saved. Sometimes the smoke damage is so great that it is easier and cheaper to replace the flooring. If the home features wood flooring our team of experts will thoroughly clean the floors to extract any odors.

Wall Cleaning

Smoke residue can easily stick to walls and ceilings of a home. Our smoke damage clean up services includes a strong cleaning of the walls that can easily suck in those smoke odors from years ago. Walls and ceilings will be deodorized and cleaned. Woodwork around doors, windows, and baseboards can also be cleaned in order to rid them of smoke residue as well.


Finally, the team at ServiceMaster of Charleston can deodorize a home to rid it of any unwanted smells or odors. State of the art technology is used in order to clean the air of a home and return the home to the proper working condition. They will help you in getting your home to be odor free with their successful deodorization techniques.

An odd smell or odor of a home shouldn’t deter you from buying a home that is perfect for your family in every other way. Contact ServiceMaster of Charleston today for a quote and more information about their smoke damage clean up services.