Restoration Services | 3 Ways A House Fire Can Hurt Emotionally

Restoration Services | Living through a house fire can be one of the most devastating experiences for a homeowner. Not only do you have a lot to do in terms of fire damage cleanup but there are also many emotional issues that can arise after a house fire. Here are 3 ways that a house fire can hurt emotionally:

Dealing with Loss

There are immediate feelings of loss when you have experienced a house fire. You have lost physical items that may be hard to replace. Depending on the degree of the fire, you could have lost just a room full of items or an entire house of items. Many things that homeowners have a hard time with are the loss of irreplaceable items like old pictures and family mementos. It is these memories that homeowners feel they lost after a house fire that adds to the emotional damage that fire causes.

Overwhelming Feelings

Another common emotion is the overwhelming feelings that can accompany the long process in restoring your home. Again, depending on the size of the fire, you may be able to stay in your home but you also may have to find temporary housing. There is a lot to do after a fire has occurred in order to clean up the home and restore the fire damage. Having to communicate with multiple people during the fire damage cleanup process, including your insurance company, takes up a lot of time and energy for a homeowner that has experienced such loss.

Sense of Safety

Depending on what was the source of your house fire, the sense of safety that your home provided may be lost afterward. Homeowners take for granted the amount of safety that is felt within a home. When a fire occurs in a home it can disrupt the way that homeowners feel safe. Make sure to address the cause of the fire and take extra measures in order to keep your family safe from this point forward.

There are many emotions that homeowners will go through after a house fire. Consider taking advantage of support groups and possibly seeing a therapist if you are having trouble dealing with the emotional stress that fire can cause. Allow ServiceMaster of Charleston to help ease some stress with their restoration services that help to restore your home back to normal.