Having a fire in your home is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. The intensity and severity of a quickly spreading fire can endanger lives. Home fires also do extensive damage and would require fire damage cleanup services. The first priority of any homeowner is to get everyone out of the house and to safety. What about those important valuables that you have inside your home? How do you protect them from fire and the required fire damage cleanup? Check out these 2 things that you can better protect your valuables in the event of a home fire:

Fireproof Safe

Purchasing a fireproof safe can be expensive but they are well worth the investment when it comes to keeping your valuables safe from fire. Many homeowners may use fireproof safes for guns and ammunition, which is expected, but fireproof safes are also a good investment for those homeowners who don’t own guns. The solid framework and manufacturing techniques make a fireproof safe a great place to store important paperwork as well as expensive jewelry.

To-Go Binder

If a fireproof safe is out of your budget you can still protect your important paperwork. Put items like your will, passport, birth certificates and social security cards into one binder that would be easy to grab while escaping a fire. An accordion style binder that wraps up would be a great option in making sure that it is easy to transport quickly. Copy everything in your wallet, including both sides of credit cards or insurance cards, so that you have that information with you as well.

Keep the binder near an escape door will make it easy to retrieve. If you get your family members out of the home first and remember to grab this binder it will make things so much easier after the fire has been extinguished in getting your life back in order.

Experiencing a fire in your home is a very dangerous situation. The top priority of any homeowner is to make sure that everyone has reached safety. Purchasing a fireproof safe is a great way to also protect your valuables. Creating an easy to grab binder with important paperwork is also a good way to make sure that all of your important documents are in one place. If you do experience a fire, call the professional team at ServiceMaster of Charleston to perform fire damage cleanup services quickly to get your life back to normal.