One of the first areas of your home to grow mold will be wet areas like the bathroom. Be proactive in your efforts to keep your bathrooms dry in order to decrease the chances of mold growth in your home. Bathrooms that are continuously wet can see substantial mold growth that would need extensive mold remediation services. Check out these easy ways to keep your bathroom dry:

Get Rid Of Excess Water

If you have a glass shower enclosure, consider using a squeegee to wipe water off of the glass. This will keep this extra moisture from hanging around the bathroom and can be an important part to keeping your bathroom dry and free from needing mold remediation services. Removing water from your shower glass can rid your bathroom of up to 75% of the moisture that can grow mold.

Check the Fan

A bathroom fan is essential in ridding the air of excess water. Humid conditions can quickly create a warm atmosphere inside a bathroom that is perfect for mold growth. Check to see that your fan is in proper working condition and consider upgrading to a more powerful fan if you notice that your bathroom is humid for long amounts of time. Make sure that the bathroom fan is rated for your bathroom size in order to get proper ventilation of the space.

Seal the Tile

Most showers or backsplashes have a tile surround that can easily become wet. Make sure that these areas of your bathroom are sealed properly in order to ward off water and the possibility of mold growth. Seal the grout in between tiles every year to make sure that water and mold can’t begin to grow in between tiles. Repair any cracked grout lines that could become a breeding ground for mold as well.

Incorporating these 3 things you can help make sure that your bathroom stays dry in order to prevent mold growth. If you ever find mold in your bathroom, consider ServiceMaster of Charleston who can help with mold remediation services.