Water Damage Clean Up | 3 Signs You Need A New Toilet

Water Damage Clean Up | Spending hard earned money on a new toilet is one of those things that will make you a card carrying adult really fast. Older toilets not only tend to break down but they also can start to leak onto flooring which can easily cause water damage. Check out these 3 signs that you need a new toilet:

Clogs Every Week

If you are finding that you have to plunge your toilet once a week you may have an issue with the toilet’s plumbing. New technology has been built into new toilets which make them harder to clog. Constant clogging can be a nuisance but can also cause overflows that damage floors. Avoid the need for water damage clean up by replacing an old toilet that clogs on a regular basis.

Odd Noises

An older toilet that makes hissing or trickling sounds probably needs to be replaced. The internal tank of the toilet has parts that can wear out and cause water issues as well as rapidly increase your water consumption with a running toilet. Consider replacing worn out parts, or better yet, replace the entire toilet to avoid the need for water damage clean up.


If you have noticed staining on the floor around the base of your toilet, a toilet leak may be the problem. Check the area for soft spots and for decay that could have occurred due to months of leakage. A broken flange or seals can cause water to get in between the toilet and the flooring which can cause bathroom flooding.

If your toilets are showing any of these signs it may be a good idea to think about replacing it with a newer version. Make sure to keep your bathroom free from water damage, and the need for water damage clean up services, by inspecting your toilet on a regular basis for problem areas. If you do have a leak or need bathroom clean up, call the experts at ServiceMaster of Charleston today.