Homeowners have a lot to worry about and mold can be a primary concern for many homeowners in the Charleston area. Mold is a silent and oftentimes sneaky substance that can quickly spread and cause health issues for your family. Mold can also cause structural issues for your home that would require immediate mold remediation services. Here are 2 things that you probably didn’t know about mold:

Mold Spreads by Spores

There is not just one kind of mold: there are thousands of different varieties of mold in our world. Mold is a living and breathing fungi and requires a certain combination of factors to grow within a home. Many Charleston homeowners know that mold is usually spread by water, but did you also know that mold can send out spores into the air? It is these mold spores that create a danger to humans as mold spores enter into lungs and can cause irritation. Mold can appear in just one area of your home but the effects of mold can be all throughout the air of your home. This is why mold remediation services from ServiceMaster of Charleston are so important in ridding your home of the physical mold but also cleaning the air and environment of your home to ensure that the mold spores are also gone.

Mold Prefers a Certain Temperature

Just like any living and growing fungus, mold will only grow in certain environments. Mold will not continue to grow in an area of your home that is less than 40°F which is why there isn’t much concern for mold growth during the winter months. Mold will also not grow if the temperature is above 100°F as the heat stunts the growth of the mold spores. However, this sweet spot of 40°F-100°F is where mold can thrive. The problem with this is that this is also the environments that many homes keep for comfortable living conditions. Even during the summer if the outside air is scorching, many homes are well within range of this mold growth temperature when air conditioning units are on.

Mold is a scary subject and can quickly overtake a home. Knowing a few characteristics of this pesky fungus can help in deterring mold growth in your home. If you do find mold growth in your home, call the experts at ServiceMaster of Charleston for immediate mold remediation services that will clear your home of this dangerous fungus.