Mold Removal | Tips To Control Mold In The Home

Mold Removal | Mold is great hazard that can infect any home, regardless the size or price. Mold is caused by moisture forming and staying put over a period of time. Often mold can come from window and door leaks or really any area that allows moisture to gather in an area. Mold can cause your family to develop allergies, asthma or other respiratory issues that can ultimately cause them to end up in the hospital. Here are a few tips to help you control the mold situation in your home.

Run Dehumidifiers or AC Units

Humid areas are notorious for allowing moisture to form and sit in areas of the home. The best ways to combat this are to make the areas less humid. This can be accomplished with dehumidifier machines or air conditioning units to help keep the less humid.

Use fans throughout the home

Another way to control the humidity and formation of mold in the home is to run fans throughout the home. You could use ceiling fans, oscillating fans or even window units. Any of these machines will help you to circulate are and delay any formation of moisture that may cause mold.

Dry wet areas

To avoid mold formation you should also dry any wet areas in the home such as a leaking toilet or leaking fridge. By allowing water to form and sit for more than 48 hours you greatly increase the odds of mold formation.

Add insulation to cold outside surfaces

By adding insulation to cold outside surfaces you reduce the risk of condensation forming on warmer interior walls, floors and ceilings. Insulation can also help with your heating bill.

Mold can be a great hazard for you and your family that can ultimately lead to severe respiratory issues. If you do find mold you will want to seek a professional for mold removal. If you are in the Charleston area the premier mold removal service is ServiceMaster of Charleston. ServiceMaster of Charleston will survey the severity and work with you to form a mold removal plan that best suits your needs.