Mold Removal | Testing for Mold Before Buying A Home

Mold Removal | Almost everyone purchasing a home will have a home inspection done before they sign on the dotted line to ensure there is no structural damage to the house. Knowing what you are paying for is one of the essential parts of a home purchase, but some people don’t realize that mold inspection is not a part of home inspections. If you want to know if you’re going to need mold removal services in the future, keep your eye out for these signs:

1. Water Spots- While you are walking through the home, pay attention to water spots on the walls and ceilings. Water stains can mean there’s a leak in the roof, or the house is retaining too much humidity. Either way, water spots or stains can be good signs that there is mold somewhere in the walls, ceiling, or attic.

2. Cracks- Cracks in the foundation or roof, walls, and ceiling all mean structural damage. The home inspector will point these things out to you but may fail to mention that cracks like that can lead to mold or mildew.

3. Musty Smell- A musty, mildew smell inside the home is a great indicator you may need mold removal services. Make sure you ask to see the attic and basement when touring a potential home. You should also pay attention to the smell in bathrooms, laundry rooms, and the kitchen since those rooms tend to create humidity.

The last sign of mold is visible mold. If you see mold inside of a home, or the home inspector notices visible mold, you should either back out of the purchase or hire a mold removal specialist to inspect. You don’t have to back out of the sale of your dream home just because of mold. You can hire professional mold removal companies to get rid of mold and might even be able to negotiate a better price on your dream home.

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