Mold Removal | 3 Major Categories Of Mold

Mold Removal | Many homeowners know that mold isn’t a good thing but do you know that there are thousands of different molds that all fall into three major categories? Finding mold in your home isn’t fun but having a little more knowledge about it could help alleviate some anxiety. Choosing mold remediation services is the best option for whatever kind of mold you find. Check out these common molds that could be lurking just under your nose:


This is the most common type of mold in that it helps to break down materials in nature. When a plant is decaying this type of mold will appear to help break down the contents of the plant. Most allergenic molds are harmless to people. Allergenic molds can appear within the structure of your home which can cause significant damage. Other people in your home may become sensitive to this type of mold which can cause allergies.


This type of mold is more serious and can cause health issues. If Pathogenic mold is found in your home it can greatly affect those family members who have a compromised immune system. Pathogenic mold can greatly affect the underdeveloped immune systems of babies and young children while also causing issues for elderly members of the family with suppressed immune systems. Pathogenic molds invade the body and wrestle against it causing Subcutaneous Mycoses and Deep Organ Mycoses.


As the deadliest form of mold, Toxigenic molds can cause serious health concerns that can even lead to death. Mycotoxins are made by this kind of mold that is then released into the air. When a person inhales the mycotoxins they run the risk of being greatly affected by the mold without even realizing it. Black mold is a type of Toxigenic mold and should be immediately cleaned up via mold remediation services.

There are thousands of types of mold that could be within the walls of your home. If you every find mold it is best to call ServiceMaster of Charleston right away to perform mold remediation services. You never want to delay cleaning up mold as it can be very harmful to your health or, at the very minimum, cause structural damage to your home.