Mold Removal | When You Find Mold in Your Restaurant


Mold Removal | Health inspections are always stressful for restaurant owners. No matter how sparkling clean your establishment is, there is still a chance that the health inspector will find something that you’ll have to fix. Health inspectors are known to nitpick because they have people’s lives in their hands when inspecting restaurants. One of the usual culprits of knocks against your health inspection report is mold. If a health inspector finds any mold in your restaurant, you may want to consider hiring a mold removal service to make sure you take care of the problem one hundred percent. 

Here are a few more things you’ll need to know about finding mold in your restaurant:

  1. Where Are Common Places to Find Mold? The most common places the health inspector will discover mold is under the sinks, behind refrigerators or freezers, in the pantry, under the microwave, and along the edges of the ceilings and walls. These are all places that moisture is likely to accumulate. 
  2. What Causes Mold? Mold loves warm, moist environments and thrives in low light. Mold is found in the air molecules all around us and in nature, but when it starts to grow, it can cause significant health issues. If mold is in your restaurant it can spread quickly and cause a restaurant-wide infestation that can cause your patrons to get sick. 
  3. How to Do Mold Removal- Professional mold removal is best for restaurants because the stakes are so high. A mold removal company can also do a proper inspection for mold to ensure it hasn’t spread or be anywhere else in the restaurant that you might not be able to see. If you try to clean up the mold yourself, you also risk accidentally spreading it, which can cause a disaster. 

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