Mold Removal | Most Common Types Of Mold

Mold Removal | Mold is not something that you want to mess with. It can be harmful to you and your family. Mold removal should be left to professional cleaners so that the proper steps can be taken to completely remove the mold from your home. There are different types of mold that can grow in your home. Here are the most common 3 types.

Aspergillus Mold

Aspergillus mold is a mold that does not typically cause disease for many people. They can be more of an issue for people with weakened immune systems, children and the elderly. These types of mold are often found in foods and also in air conditioning systems.


Cladosporium Mold

Cladosporium mold is typically black or green in color and often looks like pepper. This type of mold grows on the back of toilets and painted surfaces. It is non-toxic but can cause many allergy symptoms. Some of these symptoms include itchy/watery eyes, red eyes, rashes and sore throats among others.


Stachybotrys Atra Mold

Stachybotrys Atra mold is more commonly known as black mold. This type of mold is very dangerous and can cause breathing issues when inhaled over a period of time. This mold tends to grow in moist, humid areas in the home and needs to be treated by a professional immediately.


If you find any type of mold in your home you should contact the professionals at ServiceMaster of Charleston for mold removal services. The technicians at ServiceMaster deal with mold removal all the time and understand the safest ways for removal. They will work to eliminate the visible mold and also analyze other areas in the home that could also be susceptible to mold. The last thing you want is someone in your family to develop respiratory issues because of mold.