Mold Remediation | 3 Things to Know About Mold

Mold Remediation | Mold is a dangerous problem to have in your home or office. It can make people sick very quickly, especially people that have weakened immune systems. If you find that you have mold you should call a professional immediately for potential mold remediation. If the mold is not addressed it will continue to spread and may eventually work its way into the structural parts of your home or office.

Even if you don’t currently have a mold issue you should still be knowledgeable in case you should ever come across a problem. Here are a few things you should know about mold.

Thrives with Humidity

Mold is typically caused when there is moisture in an area where it is not intended. This can be caused by a leak or a very humid area where condensation can build. If the area continues to be damp and humid mold will continue to grow and spread.

Can Grow Completely Hidden

Walls, flooring and ceilings provide enclosed areas that mold can grow unbeknownst to anyone. You could have a small leak from a pipe in between floors or behind a wall. The water will sit and eventually mold will form. There could be a huge mold problem before it even becomes visible. You should always seek a professional for possible mold remediation at the first sign of a water leak.

Mold Develops Quickly

A leak or area with standing water can produce mold after just two days of the first signs of water. It may not always be visible, but it can form very quickly. As soon as it forms it can provide a potential health concern for anyone in the vicinity.

Mold is a very serious problem that can cause a whole slew of health concerns for anyone that comes in contact. If you suspect that your home or office could have mold you need to contact the mold remediation professionals at ServiceMaster of Charleston. They will assess the area and provide a plan of action that will quickly take care of the problem.