Mold Remediation | Best Products That Prevent Mold

Mold Remediation | If you are always noticing that certain areas of your home grow mold quicker than others, like your bathrooms, you may want to consider purchasing a mold preventer that will help to fight up mold before it even gets a chance to begin growing. Consider these top-rated products that prevent mold in an effort to avoid the need for mold removal services:

Endurance BioBarrier

This product is available in many home improvement stores as well as online. Endurance BioBarrier comes in a spray bottle or gallon refills and has a 6-month guarantee to prevent mold in high traffic areas. The long-lasting and non-toxic formula offers a dual layer technology that allows the application to work over a long period of time despite rinsing. The staying power of the mold preventer stays around instead of being washed away. Endurance BioBarrier has a 2-year guarantee on indoor and outdoor surfaces as well as an incredible 25-year guarantee when used in enclosed areas like attics and crawl spaces. Pick up a bottle of this amazing product in order to prevent the need for mold removal.

Concrobium Mold Control

This mold preventing product is also available in a spray and helps to eliminate mold and prevent mold growth. It also is said to get rid of musty odors that can come with mold growth in the home. Use Concrobium Mold Control in the home, car, garage, recreational vehicles, office, boats, and basements. Many contractors will use this product when building a home to help prevent mold as well as homeowners who have had recent flooding in their home. Consider purchasing this product in an effort to control mold within your home.

Many homeowners use these products in order to help prevent mold growth in their home. Both of these products also offer fewer abrasive odors than other natural choices to prevent mold. If you do find mold in your home that is too much for these products, consider contacting ServiceMaster of Charleston for their complete mold removal services.