Leaking windows are one of the first culprits to allowing excess moisture into your home. They not only post a water problem but can also pose a mold problem if the leaking area is not addressed. Look for these 3 signs that your window may be experiencing leaking:

Water Stains

We all have those windows in our home that are in an unused bedroom or not a part of our usual living space. These windows that go unnoticed can leak during rainfall but may look perfectly fine otherwise. Look under the window and on the windowsill for any signs of excess moisture. This would be a light brown stained area from water or an outline of a fine white chalk-like powder. When you see these signs near your window you know that you have a problem.

Cracked Glazing

If you notice that double paned windows in your home gets foggy with excess moisture there is a good chance that you have cracked glazing around the window. When the glazing gets cracked small amounts of water can seep into the area and then get trapped between the two window panes. Check for lines in the glazing around the outside of your window to make sure that it is sealed up tight.

Broken Caulking

The outside edge of every window should be properly caulked to make sure that water does not enter your home. Caulking can become brittle and parts can break off leaving the rest of your window exposed to the elements. A continuous barrier of caulking must be located around the window in order to prevent leaks. If your window has areas of missing caulk, consider taking off all of the caulk and doing the job over to make sure that water cannot enter your home.

Leaky windows can cause enough damage to a home that water damage cleanup services would be required in order to bring the home back to proper working order. Checking your windows a few times a year, on both the inside and outside, is a great way to prevent the need for water damage cleanup. If you have noticed a leaky window, and feel overwhelmed at the amount of water that has entered your home, call Service Master of Charleston and inquire about their water damage cleanup services.