How to Keep Dishwashers from Flooding Your Home

Dishwashers are an appliance in your home that are used on a daily basis. They require a large amount of water and can be a common culprit of major flooding in your home. Once a dishwasher has leaked, the need for water damage restoration services becomes immediate in order to minimize damage. Follow these easy steps to ensure that your dishwasher is leak free:

Keep the Drain Clear

Your dishwasher uses the same drain pipe as your sink so making sure that the drain in clear is your first step to keeping your home free from flood damage. Check beneath the sink for possible connection leaks and make sure that the garbage disposal is in proper working order as well. Keeping the drain pipes clear of debris or buildup is essential to guarding against dishwasher leaks.

Use the Recommend Soap

Detergents are all different and the variety of choices for dishwasher detergents can vary greatly. Check your dishwasher’s user manual in order to know the recommended amount of detergent to use. Many new dishwashers will also have a brand recommendation that works the best for that particular dishwasher model. Using a detergent that creates too many suds can cause flooding and raise the risk of needing water damage restoration services.

Check the Seal

We’ve all seen those dishwashers in other homes where you have to insert a wooden spatula at the top to get the door to seal correctly, right? Doing this is just asking for a dishwasher leak. Check the seals of the door of the dishwasher and make sure that the door is properly closing. If it isn’t, consider replacing the seal or hiring an appliance professional to look at it. Making sure that the seal is correctly in place will minimize the risk of detrimental flooding.

Follow these easy steps to make sure that your dishwasher doesn’t become the cause of a major flood in your kitchen. Know that if the worst does happen, and you need immediate water damage restoration services, the professionals at ServiceMaster of Charleston are highly qualified to bring your kitchen back to dry and working condition.