Learn 2 Ways to Prevent It from Flooding Your Kitchen

Ice-makers are common features in refrigerators and they can be a great asset to any Southern home. However, ice-makers can quietly be leaking water into your home without you knowing about it. Learn about these 2 ways to prevent your icemaker from leaking and the need for future water damage cleanup services:

Replace the Tubing

Ice-makers are installed with plastic tubing and a small plastic valve that connects to the water line. These plastic tubes can have pinhole size openings that go undetected during manufacturing. These tiny openings can allow gallons of water to slowly leak behind the refrigerator and cause major moisture problems if the water seeps into floorboards or wall cavities. Replace these tubing with copper tubing and a metal valve connection to prevent water damage cleanup services and keep your icemaker working properly.

Invest in a Flood Alarm

As a homeowner, the chances of you remembering to check behind your refrigerator are pretty low. That combined with the time it and energy it takes to move a full appliance means that you won’t know if a leak is happening behind your refrigerator for many years after it begins. Consider purchasing a small flood alarm that will detect excess water from a tubing leak. This battery-operated device will alarm you if it finds water and can be an important part of saving your home from detrimental water damage.

Following these 2 simple steps can help to prevent future leaking and water damage from your ice-maker. If you do find that your home has experienced excess water leaks, contact the professionals at ServiceMaster of Charleston for quick and easy water damage cleanup services that will keep your home from safe from extended water damage.