How Do I Get Rid of Pet Odor ?

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One of the things my wife and I had never discussed before we got married was whether or not we would get pets.  I did not grow up with pets at home, besides a low maintenance fish tank, so it never crossed my mind that we would one day be pet owners.  A few months after being married, my wife suggests we spend our Saturday afternoon down at the local animal shelter to play with some of the dogs that they have there.  For those of you have that made this journey before, you know how difficult it can be to go to the shelters and not come home with a new four legged family member.  Luckily my wife isn’t a cat person either, so it was that day that we adopted our first dog. We had to drive straight to the store to get all the accessories a new dog requires, which included food, dishes, a bed, toys, etc.